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18 Inspire Stair Railing Ideas

Stair railing ideas to match the decor of your home, while taking into account the safety of the needs you have for your steps, such as children or the elderly who need robust. A metal railing tree is constructed from wrought iron, and is styled to resemble a tree branch or vine long. The tree trunk begins the first step, and curves to the stairwell with the highest branches forming the rail. Branch adheres to the wall at the top of the stairs and extends slightly along the wall. A different type of metal railing tree consists of only the handrail, which seems to travel just a vid up the ladder.

Creative Stair Railing Ideas

Another very modern and different of stair railing is made out of the pipe. Copper or steel pipe can be installed in place of a traditional railings. A stair railing pipe may be suspended directly from the wall or set on a wooden railing for modern meets traditional touch.

18 Inspiration Gallery from 18 Inspire Stair Railing Ideas

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A stainless steel stair railing  is very industrial railing type that can be used with almost any type of railing. A stainless steel railing on a fence as steel railing looks very modern and innovative, while a stainless steel handrail on a dark wooden railing is classic and sophisticated.

Styles and Designs of Stair Railing Ideas

Are you in the middle of building a two storied house and have no idea of what stair railing ideas will you use? You do not need to worry. Here are some ideas that you can have for your stair railing in your home.


If your house is built in modern architectural design, you must match it with modern stair railing. It is usually simple and minimalist. One of the materials that is often used in modern stair railing is stainless steel.

Contemporary Stair Railing

This style has subtle and safe design. It is usually combined with flat panels or shaker. The contemporary style are pretty easy to get, you can visit various home builder designs to get the one that will suit your taste.

Traditional Stair Railing

This style is pretty widely used in many houses. It is usually made of wood. If you prefer having the traditional one, you must make sure that the carpenter is truly experienced and professional. It is because the design of the traditional stair railing needs highly craftsmanship.

Classic Stair Railing

Having classic stair railing is a great idea to have a home with a timeless look. Classic stair railing with Gothic style or Victorian style will make your house look grand. However, it often requires a special technique in making it. Therefore, you need to make sure that the home builder can create the best classic stair railing.


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